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Ceremonial handover of a mandate in the state representation of Nordrhein Westfalen

In November 2022, on the occasion of handing over the mandate of the Franco-German Cultural Representatives State Representation North Rhine Westphalia Technically supported.

Our stage, interpreting, lighting, video and sound technology was used for this project.

The festivities appropriately began with some musical performances by Antoine Villoutreix's band.

So that there is a direct flow of information, the artists feel comfortable and can offer you a successful show, we prefer to establish direct contact with the sound engineer who is in charge of the evening. This is how the artists communicate with each other and it is looked at what is really needed.

So we built an 8x4m stage for the band, adapted monitoring, PA and lighting technology to the space. A separate 3.5x 2m riser was requested for handing over the mandate, which we also equipped with sound and lighting technology.

We only use LED technology for this event. Even if it is more expensive for us to buy and we don't have any other cost savings, this is important to us, because it allowed us to use 76kW of conventional light sources. #Gogreen

We have equipped the large Europasaal with sound technology, video technology, conference technology and lighting technology. So that we could hear greetings, speeches and discussions from the French Minister of Culture Rima Abdul Malak, Prime Minister of Nordrhein-Westfalen Hendrik Wüst, Prime Minister of Saarland Anke Rehlinger and former Prime Minister Armin Laschet.

The good cooperation with the LKA/BKA for such an event is practiced for us.

The band then let the evening end with music.

Even under the more challenging condition of the #skills shortage at that time, we were able to set up, supervise and dismantle the event in a two-shift system within 18 hours. #apply #come on the team #apprenticeship

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